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Up and running!

25.01 2010
We are now oficially a stock company!

It took longer than anticipated, but as relatively inexperienced company owners we just had to take one step at a time. So with a little bit of frustration and hair pulling we finally made it!

New Headquarters

10.01 2010
We got office space in the E.V.A Center, no more working out of our living rooms!
The E.V.A Center provides counseling and office space to newly started businesses in Kristiansand, Norway.

Pre-Project completed!

15.01 2010
We have just wrapped up the pre-project, and boy does it feel good! We managed to stick to our progress plans, even though many of us were hit with illness right before Christmas.

We can now present a great business plan, both for Eco Games and for our upcoming title, an exciting concept bible, and a small conceptual trailer.

Eco Games receive support from Innovation Norway!!

14.12 2009
Innovation Norway has approved out application, and now given us funds to help develop our pre-project.

Because of this we can now continue our work with the pre-project and hire in the resources needed in order to get the best possible concept on its feet. Their support tells us that it’s not just us who believe this concept is good, but that we really are on to something good!

Now we are really rolling!

Pre-Project begun

01.11 2009
In order to establish the road ahead for our company, the marked we wish to become a part of, and our first title, we have decided to initiate a pre-project.

In addition to our core team we have been given so many fantastic external resources:
  • Ari Mathiesen – Mentor, link to the CrossMedia world, and original brains behind our first title
  • Jakob Berglund – Economic consultant
  • Lina L. Berglund – Konseptkunstner
  • Patrick Pinnow – Talented author from the States
  • Robin Rolfhamre – Sound and Music
  • Dots – 3D work

We are starting a CrossMedia company!

01.10 2009
Two ladies in their twenties give it all to create a CrossMedia company!

The brains behind this company startup, Ari Mathiesen, took the first initiative to approach the founder Rachel Berglund with an amazing idea for a brand new title. Rachel jumped on board and began looking for the right founding partner. The choice fell on on Gry Nerjordet, former friend from studies and earlier partner in the company iWiz.

The tale of Eco Games has begun!

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